• “Lead actress Andrea Fantauzzi displays some deft character flourishes as she grows on screen, from forager to hunter, quarry to survivor. As the film progresses Fantauzzi seemingly runs with the YA heroine mantle and becomes an amalgam of numerous empowered protagonists. Even when a young male figure enters her world (with all his Dick Van Dyke’isms) she barely breaks her stride.” – Review Adira – BRWC


  • “Actress Andrea Fantauzzi delivered one of the best performances I have seen in the 2010s. My eyes never left the screen when she was fighting for her survival in the German wilderness. In addition, she also delivered some of the film’s most heartbreaking moments including her farewell to her parents and the killing of the goat. I think that Andrea has a bright future in the film industry.” – Jake’s Movie Review: Adira


  • “Andi brought extraordinary power and vitality to her character, and both her dance work and her characterization were extremely well-received here by professional critics. It should be noted that Andi distinguished herself as having one of the best personalities in the company—and was a delightful person to be with for 12 weeks. Her complete desire to learn combines with a professionalism that belies her age–making her a mature and exemplary young artist.” – Jeff Church (Producing Artistic Director of the Coterie Theatre; director of the World Premiere Theatre for Young Audiences Version of Shrek The Musical)


  • “She replies to emails promptly and is prompt on attending auditions and bookings. When she books the job, the clients love her and always want to use her again.” – Mark Anthony Jones (I & I Agency, Co-Owner)


  • “She accepts criticism well and works diligently. Her warm, outgoing personality, and good communication skills makes her a pleasure to work with.” – Lena Andrews (Vocal Technician)


  • “I had the immense pleasure of working with Andrea in both theatre and television. Not only is she excellent and competitively professional at what she does, she is also the easiest and most comfortable person to work and hang out with. I sincerely hope to work with her again in the near future. She’s top notch!!” – Hayley Nelson (Actress and Freelance Visual Artist)


  • Co-star Karen Stanion’s reaction to Andrea Fantauzzi being cast as Ann – 18 in And other fairy tales at The Workshop Theater in NYC. “You’re going to be so amazing in this! Loved reading with you so much. You completely changed that scene for me. Can’t wait!”  – Karen Stanion (Ann – 30, And other fairy tales)

What are Casting Directors Saying?

  • We saw a different side of the character that we didn’t expect. Your performance was excellent. You took direction very well, and delivered.


  • Actress was focused and professional. Verbal expressiveness and articulation was great. Body movement true to the character. Actress is easy to work with and her performance was believable!


  • Andrea was very friendly and had a nice personality. Andrea was easy to work with and was really professional.


  • Very good expression. Good physical acting.


  • Great first read, and great taking the adjustment. Your work was really great.