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Along with being an actress, Andrea Fantauzzi is also a director and a writer. She is most well known for being the writer and co-director at Breakthrough Reels and co-owns the company with Chris Bylsma. Check out some of the companies custom reels that Fantauzzi wrote and co-directed.


Fantauzzi wrote and co-directed this entire reel. Actress: Journey Tupper



Fantauzzi wrote and co-directed the scenes that have the BTR Custom Scene logo to the right of the screen. Actor: Brett Bartholomew



Fantauzzi wrote and directed Run this Town and the From Whence I Came, the funeral scene. Actress: Hala Finley (Man with a Plan on CBS)


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Letters from a Father


Fantauzzi currently has branched out from Breakthrough Reels and wrote and directed her short film called Letters from a Father. Here is the synopsis of Letters from a Father: Rebecca has raised Tina, Marie, and Sam single-handedly after the divorce and prosecution of their father. When their father reaches out to Tina asking to be part of her life again after he is off parole Tina must make the choice whether to allow him back into her and her siblings lives or choose to alienate him for the abuse he has committed against herself and Marie.

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News – CrowdBuster Podcast: Letters from a Father to a Daughter (Letters from a Father) by Andrea Fantauzzi along with producer Lydia Anderson.