Film Credits: April – August 2013

Film Credits: April – August 2013

Andrea Fantauzzi has been cast as the lead, Adira, in the new film Adiraa Hidden District Studios Production.  She will be under the direction of Bradley J. Lincoln and Irene Delmonte. The film is planning to film in June – July.  This film will be Andrea Fantauzzi’s fourth IMDB credit. Synopsis: During the Holocaust, and a  young Jewish girl flees from the grasp of the Gestapo and finds herself stranded on an abandoned farm. She has to learn to survive with only her faith and basic instincts keeping her strong. For three years, while she awaits being rescued by the resistance, she lives off of the land and fends for herself. Along with the tragic struggles of her situation, she must also surpass the many changes and challenges that every young woman goes through.


Andrea Fantauzzi will also be continuing to play the lead, Sarah Parker, in Morter Productions, Deadly Attraction. Filming will take place from the end of April to the beginning of June. The web series will be live on YouTube, more information will be posted shortly.


Andrea Fantauzzi this April will be in a University of Missouri-Kansas City student film called Consequences, she will be playing the lead Felicity.  The film takes place in modern day and talks of the consequences two girls face after drinking and driving. More information about the film will be posted in May or June.

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